Tojek Properties builds

high-end residential and commercial properties designed to suit your lifestyle and budget

These are some of our real estate awards


Tojek Properties have a team that works closely with clients

 We have a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties in different parts of the country. We have been handpicked for some prestigious projects in the past, and we’re ready for more.

Why Choose Tojek Properties For Your Real Estate Investment?

Tojek Properties is not your typical Real Estate Company in Lagos

I know what you’re thinking:

That you don’t know where to start when it comes to buying properties
That you might not get your allocation, documents or fear of omo-onile wahala

But I am here to tell you that you will NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY OF THOSE. Because even if you do, you will still….

End up not purchasing your first, second or tenth real estate property
Not become a proud and profitable real estate investor in preparation for retirement and inflation
Fall into the wrong hands

Tojek Properties is THE ONLY real estate company in Nigeria that helps you to purchase dream properties without stress and gain financial freedom!

And we promise you that you that it will completely and totally annihilate the need to do the time and money wasting things that online real estate gurus have been telling you to do for years. Yes, those online real estate gurus who thought they could play you for a fool… making you lose time, money and HOPE! So take this chance to flip the bird at online real estate gurus as you effortlessly move from struggling to buy a land or house of your dreams to getting getting keys or document to the property you deserve.

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What We Do

Tojek Properties is a full-service real estate company in Lagos designed to make city-living easier. We find you cool, affordable apartments with like-minded roommates. We even help connect you with the best local services like movers or cleaners making it easy to get settled in your new place.


We conduct and facilitate consultation sessions for clients prior to acquiring properties; offer expert advice on what works considering our clients’ investment plan and lifestyle.


Selling of Land and Houses on the island. Transaction does not end after payment is made. We ensure they are genuine properties with good titles


We manage properties, Get credible tenants or Shortlet customers, Ensure you get good value for your investment property.


Our experienced team of designers and builders helps you from the initial planning stage all the way to the final construction.

Ready To Buy Your Own Land or House?

Contact Tojek Properties today and let us discuss your real estate goals.

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